Full Home Appraisal (Non-Lending)

Full appraisals are perfect for any application in which a value needs to be assessed on a property, but the appraisal isn’t to be used by a bank or lender. These are “user-friendly”, easy to understand and great for various applications. These are also commonly used as a pre-sale tool to set a listing value and help sell a home at the best price.

There are many instances when you just need to know the value of a property and that is why we have developed the “Private Use” full appraisal. As the name implies, they are intended for private use, yet they contain all the information and detail you would find in a full “lending appraisal”. These appraisals are performed just like a financing appraisal, to the same standards and are just as accurate; the only difference is the format we use to convey the information. They are full appraisals that include a site visit of the subject property, photos, comparable analysis, market analysis and an explanation of the appraiser’s method for concluding a final value.

In other words these are FULL appraisals, performed exactly the same way an appraisal for financing would be, but they are less “bloated” because we’ve removed the non-essential information and government required forms. This makes the report concise, easy to understand, and less expensive for our customers!

So What is Included in A Full Appraisal?

  • A Site Visit to the property where we measure, photograph & take notes
  • A full color PDF report, delivered via email, which contains the following:
  • A Summary of the Property and it’s features, upgrades, conditions, etc.
  • A summary of the Market Area, Trends and Statistics
  • A Detailed Analysis of Comparable Properties in the market area
  • Colored Photos of the Subject Property
  • Colored Photos of all Comparable Properties
  • Location and Flood Maps showing the Subject and Comparables
  • A detailed Advanced Market Statistics Report
  • A Building Sketch of the Subject property
  • A Certification of Value signed and dated by the appraiser

Since a the appraisal reports are for private use, we can add or remove any additional forms or information as needed. In the end you have a very user-friendly appraisal report with everything anyone could need to know about the property, the market area and how the value was determined.