Divorce Appraisals & Separation of Assets

Legal matters that call into question the value of real estate will almost certainly require a determination of fair market value by a qualified real estate appraiser. Sadly, one of the most common such situations is a divorce. An appraisal for real estate that is the subject of a divorce case requires a high level of professionalism and resolve for unbiased opinions, along with a touch of humanity.

The home is usually the largest asset to be considered during a separation, and both parties will have their own ideas of what it is worth. It is our jobs as appraisers to deal with these pressures and assure that they do not unduly influence the outcome of the appraisal. At the same time we must be understanding and sensitive of the situation from both party’s perspective. These unique challenges require a professional appraiser with divorce appraisal experience.

Our appraisers have the experienced required to complete divorce appraisal assignments with the utmost level of professionalism. Regardless of whether the appraisal is ordered by an attorney, an individual involved or an accountant, the assignment will be performed with the same unbiased view of the property and the situation, guaranteeing a fair valuation for all parties involved.