Is a Desktop Appraisal Right for You?

By August 17, 2016Appraisal Tips

Do you just need a simple, inexpensive appraisal that provides a value, market information and basic property details? The desktop appraisal is, as the name implies, performed in-office without a site visit to the subject property.

We utilize data from tax records, the county appraisal district and the local MLS to gather specific information about the Subject property and the market area. Using this information, along with information provided by the property owner that the appraiser assumes to be accurate, a comparison is made between the Subject and nearby comparables. Because there is no site visit or scheduling needed, these appraisals are typically completed within 1 business day of being ordered.
What Are the Benefits to a Desktop Appraisal?

  • More accurate than “online” appraisal sites
  • Less than half the cost of a full appraisal
  • Value is formed by a professional appraiser
  • Includes a complete Market Statistics Report
  • Perfect appraisal solution for finding a quick and “reasonable” property value

Another excellent use for the desktop appraisal is to estimate what effects any changes to your property may have on value. As an example, if you were considering converting your garage into a 4th bedroom, a Desktop appraisal could be used to determine what affects this may have on your property value. A detailed market analysis will reveal just how these types of changes are viewed within your market area. In the same fashion, investors sometimes require a quick and inexpensive way to determine what a property will be worth after specific repairs are made, the desktop appraisal is perfect for this situation as well.

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