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Professional Residential Appraisals for All Purposes


Professional Residential Appraisals for All Purposes

Local Cedar Park Texas Real Estate Appraisers

If you’ve been looking for a fast and professional real estate appraisal service in the Cedar Park Texas area then look no further! Our appraisers are all LOCAL, having completed hundreds of assignments across Central Texas. And when it comes to turn times and appraisal fees, we simply cannot be beat.

We offer many different appraisal services and reporting options to accommodate all clients from private individuals to real estate and banking professionals. Our commitment to industry leading turn times, thorough reports, and fair pricing have made us one of the premier appraisal companies in Central Texas.  If you have any questions, you can contact us online via our contact form or call directly – we’re available M-F from 9am to 6pm.

Local Appraisers. Accurate Values. Faster Turn Times.

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We Provide the Best Property Appraisals in Cedar Park

Local Market Knowledge: – Our home appraisers have performed 100’s of real estate appraisals in the Cedar Park area. You’ll never need to worry about an appraiser who doesn’t know the market performing a valuation on your property. This experience within the Cedar Park market allows us to be faster, better priced and more efficient.

Quicker Turnaround: – The appraisal process itself requires a good deal of time invested into market research; then there is scheduling, travel and finally the report writing process. We have streamlined our research and report writing process to allow us to work smarter and faster. That’s why we offer a TWO business day turnaround of your appraisal report. And we’re the only appraisal company in Cedar Park that offers a RUSH 24hr appraisal service for when you need your report even faster!

Better Pricing: – Better understanding of a market area allows us to complete our reports faster, which in turn allows us to offer you better pricing than our competitors. You can call around, but we’ll save you some time. On average, our appraisal fees are about 15% lower than any of our competitors. Don’t mistake that to mean our services are by any means “cheap”; in fact, many of our clients say our reports are some of the most thorough and well researched they’ve seen.

Investment in Technology: – To be more in-depth, our advanced tools and software allow us to gather and dissect market data faster resulting in the ability to perform more appraisals in less time. With the use of tablet PCs in the field, we’ve removed redundant data entry of the past. We’ve also equipped all our appraisers with laser measuring tools to allow for faster measuring of homes. We maintain a subscription to several data resources as well as the most sophisticated appraisal softwares. And of course, all our appraisers have GPS devices and web-enabled phones so we always get to our appointments on time.

Smarter Reporting: – A full color PDF report is delivered for most all appraisal assignments and contains all the information a client needs to understand how the appraiser determined the value of a property. Our goal has been to make all our appraisal reports easier to read and understand while still supplying a wealth of information about the property and the real estate market.

Range of Property Types: – Some appraisal firms only appraise certain property types. We provide a full service appraisal solution and appraise virtually all residential properties no matter how simple or complex the assignment. These include single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condos, investment properties, lakefront and rural homes.

Our Cedar Park Area Appraisal Services

Private Use (General Purpose)

The Private Use report is our solution for a general purpose appraisal report that is easy for the average person to understand. Unlike the government issued forms that most appraisers use, these GP forms are not full of jargon or redundant information. These reports are used for almost all assignments that are not lending related, including use by Realtors looking for assistance in pricing a home for market.

Private Lending

In the past, lending appraisal assignments made up the bulk of assignments received by appraisal firms. While we mainly do private work, we still provide lending appraisals of the highest quality to private lenders. Orders usually come directly from these lenders, but often they will let their client find an appraiser to work with. Regardless of how they are received, our private financing appraisals are always performed to exceed expectations.

Estate & Probate

We understand that the lose of a loved one can be an emotionally trying time. The stress of lose combined with urgency of organizing everything can be truly overwhelming. We’re happy to make the valuation of real estate assets as painless as possible for all estate and probate assignments. These appraisal are typically performed “retrospective” to the date of passing or up to 6 months after.

Divorce & Separation

Our appraisers are experienced with providing real estate valuations for the purpose of determining equitable distribution of real assets. Even when a situation is amicable, all parties need a fair valuation. We understand the unique and delicate nature of these situations and pride ourselves in delivering an unbiased and professional opinion of value – offering a fair and reasonable market value for the parties involved.

Protest Property Tax Value

Did you know that the property value you receive every year from the Central Appraisal District is actually just an assessed value based on a computer program – it isn’t an actual, hands-on appraisal. This lack of overview can often lead to inaccuracies stemming from incorrectly assumed quality, condition or size of your home. An appraisal of your property is the most effective tool you can use to dispute these errors and lower your property taxes.

Investment & Rental Property

Whether you are looking to rehab and flip or buy and rent, we offer appraisal services that can help investors make smart decisions to maximize their investment. We can help you research market rents, determine gross rent multipliers, provide an income approach to value and determine After Repair Values (ARV) for potential purchases. Don’t leave money on the table, hire a cedar park appraiser to help you assess the potential of your investment.

Fast & Accurate Property Values By Local Appraisers

No Trainees! Our Appraisers Have at Least 10 Years of  Experience Appraising Residential Real Estate!

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